My Plain Speaking President and How He Is Fixing Politics One Profanity At A Time

Plain Speaking President Trump

Plain Speaking President Trump

By now you have probably heard the sh__storm brewing over President Trump’s recent remarks referring to certain countries as “sh__holes”. The main stream media is once again obsessed to the point of distraction, establishment politicians are falling over each other trying to “disavow” the president’s remarks and the #Resistance is already printing up new protest signs in response.

As for me, I’m just as happy as can be about my president AND his profanity. Especially his profanity. In your author’s humble opinion, it is Trump’s profane ways that are restoring the American presidency, and American politics to what they were intended to be, citizen governance.

To understand the rise and success of our “profane” president, a review of previous presidents is in order. Since as long as we all can remember, our presidents and politicians in general have operated in the model of political correctness. In public, every word is parsed and measured to ensure political correctness. Every word less than politically correct perfection is explained as “misspeaking” or given a vacuous apology, no matter how insignificant the PC slight, to maintain the illusion of the model politician. In the PC fantasy land, we are to believe all politicians never cuss, never speak in anger, are faithful to their wives and don’t do drugs or drink to excess.

The reality is quite different though, isn’t it? Whether it was Obama’s college drug use, or George W.’s, or Bill Clinton’s, many of our presidents have publicly claimed the PC story of being drug free (or “not inhaling”) while presiding over a DEA that imprisons people for the same drug use they had done. And whether it was a John Edward’s sexual indiscretion, or an Anthony Weiner’s, or any one of the Kennedy’s, or again, Bill Clinton’s, the torrid reality is a far cry from the pretty picket fence facade we are shown by our politicians. Where they claim transparency, they are caught doing back door deals. Where they claim service to the American people, they are found to be enriching themselves and their friends. It would seem that politics is the art of living two lives; one a picture perfect public persona, and the other a no rules ‘free for all’ of self gratification. This is what decades of political correctness have created, and in the process have eroded the citizen’s faith in their government as a whole.

This erosion of faith in our system isn’t just some Gen X malaise or Millennial gripe. It is a poison that destroys our American liberties from within by convincing citizens that they have no power. When faced with two faced PC politicians again and again, each generation of Americans have become less involved and less informed of their right to self governance. Our government by, of and for the people has become a government by the two faced elites, for their own enrichment, and NOT for the people. For the past few decades the people no longer believed in the people they elected to lead, and as a result no longer engaged in the voting process that allows us to govern ourselves and protect our liberties.

In this modern PC dystopia, a disillusioned citizenry had all but given up on self governance. Once avid voters now stopped going to the polls, hard working citizens hunkered down in their private lives, and the youth once again became infested with the perennial disease of collectivism and communism worship. Capitalism became equated not with liberty, but with oppression. We were not governed by ourselves, but by the “Man”. The flag became a symbol to protest instead of a symbol of freedom. In a world where every leader is a PC two-faced liar, the promise of liberty itself came to be perceived as a lie.

Though political correctness is intended to avoid offending anyone, it actually offends everyone because it is a lie. People are not politically correct. We say bad words, we have harsh opinions, we speak plainly about issues that concern us. When the so-called people we elect to govern us act like political PC stepford wives, we no longer believe we are governed by the people and our government becomes a puppet show controlled by shadowy elites.

PC culture is the ultimate weapon of control. Any rogue politician who tries too hard to actually help the people is easily brought back in line with the right leaks about his or her un-PC reality. When the voters demand real issues be addressed, there’s always another PC scandal waiting in the wings to absorb up the news minutes with anything but the issues.

Enter Donald Trump. From the moment he announced his candidacy, he was anything but politically correct. He spoke plainly about illegal immigration, the so called third rail of politics. He spoke frankly about radical Islamic terrorism. He used harsh language to discuss our enemies. He nicknamed his political opponents. He basically said everything you expect politicians are saying behind closed doors, except Trump was saying them to the cameras. Live.

The media was aghast, fellow politicians were appalled, but Americans were intrigued. Here was a man whose whole life was already available for download on DVD. He had lived in the spotlight for decades, under the scrutiny of every tabloid and news rag across the nation. We knew Donald Trump. We knew what he was like, a plain spoken, brash, New York businessman who had no time to mince words. Donald J. Trump was ANYTHING but PC. He seemed immune to the PC arrows of the press, unaffected by the PC disavowals of his “fellow” politicians, and in fact even strengthened and invigorated by the controversy.

He was the medicine our ailing political system desperately needed. By refusing to bow to the rules of political correctness, Trump created an immediate sense of hope in his supporters. By seeing the Donald take on the establishment and speak his truth without fear, his voters began to believe it was possible again for a citizen to be president. Not a polished, groomed, focused-grouped political robot elected by the two headed hydra of American two-party politics, but a citizen. Trump talked like you and me, he wasn’t afraid to call people out, he had unkind words for those who disrespected him, just like you or me. He cussed, just like you or me. And in those moments of scandalous profanity, Donald Trump stole the hearts of millions of voters, ascended to the Presidency and began a revolution of hope in a nation awash in despair.

The PC crowd still clings desperately to their failed ideology of political correctness. “Trump isn’t presidential” they whine. “He’s embarrassing us.” And in a sense they are right. Trump’s straight forward talk and frankness shows just how much of a lie PC culture is, and the PC crowd should be embarrassed by how obvious their inherent dishonesty is. When Trump says the word “sh__hole”, the affected outrage by the PC crowd is a public exercise in hypocrisy. We’ve all seen the language used to describe Trump used by those who are complaining about Trump saying a bad word, but if you haven’t, a scroll in the comments of any presidential live feed will reveal enough “f__K Trump” comments to make my point nicely. The PC crowd is anything but PC when it comes to Trump.

When Donald Trump tweets a new nickname, or lets slip an expletive, or insults an enemy, he also defeats the PC narrative that only PC perfect people can survive in politics. Trump defeats the lie that you have to be PC perfect to be a politician. Every cuss word is more evidence that we the people, the cussing, brash, frank, imperfect, non PC people, can and do lead. We can and DO run our government by, of and for us people. You don’t have to be a groomed political elite to succeed in running for office, and this realization has set off a movement of citizen candidates across the country getting involved in politics like never before. Trump has broken the PC curse over our politics, and it is restoring a nearly lost faith in citizen rule.

So I say tweet on, Mr. President. Speak your mind. Feel free to swear. Use as many nicknames as you like. Your refusal to be PC may leave your most lasting legacy: a new era of political realism, and a renewed faith in the great American experiment of self governance.