5 News Year’s Resolutions Every Trump Supporter Should Make

News Year's Resolutions

News Year’s Resolutions

The dawning of 2018 is upon us, and as we raise our glasses, sing Auld Lang Syne, and party past midnight many of us have made resolutions for the New Year. Get healthy, make more money, spend more time with family, finish that novel….so many different goals to make the next year better than the last. It is a time honored tradition, and one that renews our hope in the future each new year.

This year we’ve had good reason to hope. With the inauguration of President Donald Trump in January 2017, we ushered in a new era of American prosperity. A growing economy, newly created jobs, an energy boom and a wave of new investment in American industry has only been the first response to Trump’s policies and leadership. Cut regulations and shrinking government employee rolls, as well as savings in foreign aid through more sensible foreign policy have begun the vital process of reducing the size of our bloated government and returning power and money to the people. It has been an amazing year, but we have only begun to accomplish our goal of making America great again.

Despite all these successes, the Never Trump Left has done nothing but #Resist. They have continued to attempt to smear and slander our president and anyone involved in his campaign. They have attacked pro Trump candidates and voted against every measure Trump has supported here on Capitol Hill. They whine on about impeachment, and will certainly tie up Congress with senseless hearings if they are to regain even a fraction of the power they lost in 2016.

In order to further our mission to MAGA and derail the plans of the Left to defeat us, each Trump supporter should make these 5 New Year’s Resolutions. It was we the people who elected Trump to restore our nation and it is we the people who must ensure our votes were not in vain. These resolutions will do just that.

Resolutions for Trump Supporters 2018

#1 – Help elect MAGA Candidates.

If we are to get Trump’s agenda enacted, we need more senators and congressfolk that support the MAGA agenda in office. By electing pro Trump candidates we can both ensure the success of our goals, and protect Trump from a democrat led impeachment circus. Each of us can do our part to help elect fellow Trump supporters by doing these few things.

Sharing the websites of any MAGA candidates we find on social media. We can do the work of a whole promotion department with a few clicks a day when we work together as a movement.

Donating to MAGA campaigns instead of the RNC or superpacs. By donating directly to candidates that support our agenda we help defeat the establishment control of Washington. Superpacs can be influenced by large donors and end up supporting establishment candidates, so it is best to donate directly to our candidates to ensure they are given the same chance as career politicians to run a fair race.

Volunteering for a MAGA candidate. Whether registering voters, making phone calls, knocking on doors, or stuffing envelopes, our MAGA candidates can use all the help they can get. If you have a few hours to regularly volunteer, consider giving that time to a local MAGA candidate. Many tasks can be done by phone or computer, so don’t let location deter you.

#2 – Get involved in local politics.

There is a saying that goes “All Politics are local”, and there is much truth in it. The two parties have long established networks in each state that have a great impact on who ends up elected and sent to “the swamp”. Whether in state delegations, party meetings, school boards or city councils, a great deal of making America great again needs to be done at the local level.

Get involved with your local GOP. We can encourage better republican support for Trump if we participate in the party. We can also help register voters and other vital tasks to winning elections in 2018 and 2020. It was by using the GOP to elect Trump that we succeeded, and we must continue to “red pill the right” as I like to say, and force the restoration of true republican values to the party that bears the name. The republican party is now the Trump party, and we all still have work to do to assert our victory.

We can also make our own communities great again by filling local roles in public service. Year after year in many towns, small offices go unfilled or majority parties go unchallenged due to lack of people willing to hold local public office. Consider stepping up to the plate and participating in local government, helping to make sound and sane decisions in our local communities while Trump makes them up in the White House.

#3 – Avoid Fake News.

The mainstream media is broken, and every Trump supporter knows that most of what CNN, MSNBC, ABC and the like post about our president is spin and lies. It’s so pervasive that it’s next to impossible to not consume fake news by merely turning on the TV, all designed to smear and undermine our president, and OUR vote.

It’s infuriating. It’s annoying. And sometimes the Fake News is a tool being used by our president to “handle” a hostile press. If we all take a step back, we can see many times when fake news stories were a successful distraction freeing the president to act on other issues with less media scrutiny. The news was too busy reporting their fake news to report the real things Trump is able to accomplish. My president plays the media like a Stradivarius violin, and we Trumpers would do well to ignore the antics of the media rather than rage at them. We have much bigger things to do then complain about the fake news lies. The more we ignore their broadcasts, don’t click their links, and reduce their viewership, the more we resist the fake news, yellow journalism movement and help restore a free press.

Share citizen journalist sites, and well vetted small news orgs. By supporting sound journalism and rejecting the main stream propaganda machine, we will one day make the news great again.

#4 – Make Trump friends.

The world has changed, and is more divided than ever. Many of us find that our old friendships with non Trump people have grown strained, but we don’t need to toss out old acquaintance in the new Trump era. By adding a few fellow Trumpers to your friend group, you will feel more supported in your beliefs and have others to help motivate you to get involved. The relief of talking to someone who “gets it” may very well relieve pressure on your family and older friendships who may not share your wisdom in presidential choices.

There are a lot of ways to find fellow Trumpers. Nationwide groups with local chapters like Bikers for Trump are accepting all types of members (not just bikers), and online groups like Overpasses for America host local chapters who do flag waves and patriotic events regularly. By connecting with Trumpers online, and letting folks know you are looking to meet local Trump supporters, you’ll be amazed at the new friends you will find. And if you really can’t find any fellow Trumpers, try our final Trumper’s New Year’s resolution:

#5 – Wear your Trump gear with pride.

The Trump hatred of the left is unhinged, and has been used against Trump supporters like terrorism. Many supporters are afraid to wear a Trump shirt in public, or sport a Trump sticker on their car. But just like any other form of terrorism, when we change our actions in fear of attack, the terrorists win.

It’s time to end the Left’s anti Trump reign of terror.

Get out your Trump shirt, hat, pin, whatever and wear it out shopping, dining, running errands. You’ll find for the most part folks don’t even notice. A few snowflakes might make a face, but I’ve worn Trump gear in the bluest of liberal cities and lived to tell about it. And by wearing our gear we make it possible to break their terrorism of hate, we encourage others to stand up and be bold, and we actually meet other Trump supporters we can connect with locally. The more people see us proudly supporting our president, the less the Left’s narrative of hate has an impact.

If you already wear your gear, good for you! Use this as an excuse to buy more pro Trump gear. Tell your spouse that Suzzanne Monk said you had to buy more Trump shirts “for the good of the country”. I’ve got your back. Showing our support for the president is a very important part of defeating the Left’s resistance and restoring our great nation.

As we leave 2017, we can’t help but be amazed at all that has happened this year. But if every Trumper does their part, by this time next year we will be blown away by all of the winning 2018 held for us, and the long past days of 2017 will seem like baby steps in the quest to make America great again.

A New Year’s toast to all my fellow Trumpers. Keep on Trumpin my friends and fellow patriots. Looking forward to a very great year….again.