How Hate is Trumping The Democrats: Fake News and The Story of Chicken Little

Chicken Little

The sky is falling!

Most of us have heard the story of Chicken Little, or as some know it, Henny Penny. After being hit on the head with a dropping acorn, the panicky chicken runs off screaming “The sky is falling!”. Her naïve friends are quick to join her insanity, as they run off to “tell the king”. Long story short, they all end up eaten by the wiley fox.

In today’s terms, it is kind of a cautionary tale against believing “Fake News”. But it also warns us of something more sinister.

Perhaps the Democrats were not present the day Chicken Little was read in preschool. They seem to be completely insistent on their mantra that “the sky is falling” because of Trump, and seem oblivious to the dangerous foxes that this strategy is attracting.

Since the day Donald Trump announced his candidacy, the left leaning mainstream media has screamed “racist”, “sexist”, “xenophobe”, “homophobe” with nothing but twisted or out of context words as evidence of these vile charges. They have worked tirelessly to repeat this narrative over and over, perhaps falsely thinking if you repeat a lie enough, it becomes true. However, as we have seen in the case of Chicken Little, the truth is not necessary to lead all your friends to their doom.

The Democrats used this “Trump is racist, et al” mantra throughout the primary and general election. They have continued it into Trump’s presidency. Despite the ample evidence of diversity and inclusion Trump has shown in his appointments and actions, the left persists in continuing a false and extremely divisive rhetoric that is literally tearing at the cohesive fibers of civil society.

In the recent Georgia congressional race, actor Samuel L. Jackson recorded a radio commercial for the democrat candidate where he called President Trump “the man who encourages racial and religious discrimination, and sexism”. Apparently, the usual “bigot card” wasn’t enough to push the democrat over the top, as he was unable to secure the seat and will have to have a runoff. Trump has aptly called the June runoff “Hollywood vs Georgia” because of all the celebrity attention focused on the Democrat in this Georgia race. Seems the Democrats refuse to learn that this strategy does not work.

You see, Democrats are the Chicken Littles who were hit on the head by a really dumb idea, the idea to just play all the bigot cards they had to defeat Mr. Trump. They ran off with this half cocked plan to Cocky Locky, the media, who crowed it all over the country. These two roped in Loosey Goosey, the celebrities, to run willy-nilly screaming “Trump is making the sky fall because he’s a racist, etc.” These voices carried over to the democrat voters, Ducky Cuckies, and #NeverTrump republicans, the Turkey Lurkeys. They all went running around screaming “the sky is falling” at every turn, repeating again and again the false charges and heinous character slander all started by the Democrat’s dumb idea to play the bigot card. They lost the election doing that, but it has not deterred them from their sky falling panic in the slightest.

Unfortunately, the radical left is only too happy to help these poor birds to their own demise. Groups like Antifa, B.A.M.N., BLM and other extreme leftist organizations are the Foxey Doxey of our story. They are the BEST at screaming the sky is falling, that someone is racist when they are not, sexist when they are not, fascist when they are not. It’s their modus operandi.

They use those lies of hate to recruit and deploy violent operatives whose stated goal is to undermine our civil peace thru violence, assault, and mob action. The Democrats, by continuing this false mantra, are becoming complicit to the mission of the militant socialist groups who seek the overthrow of America that parrot the Democrat misinformation campaign. These violence advocating groups are luring the Democrat Party, lame-stream media, and young and old left leaning voters to a dangerous place, where any hope of a future is consumed by the spiteful rage and criminal actions of their “friend”, the fox.

Once in bed with these violence-promoting groups, the Democrats will find the hope of convincing us all about the “scary” state of the sky evaporates. The American public will not stand long for this political street violence, and they will reject those who do not share in their efforts to stop it. The majority of the country has already chosen to not listen to Chicken Little, Cocky Locky, or Loosey Goosey anymore. They are not dumb ducks or tone deaf turkeys. The continued hate rhetoric is having the opposite effect on Trump’s supporters, and is turning middle of the road voters away from the left and toward the president as well.

Trump’s support became unstoppable after the violence at rallies turned curious voters into Trump patriots defending free speech. The violence solidified his voting block. Continued violence will only maintain his voters, strong and steadfast, regardless of the president’s successes or failures. If the other party is the party of “We beat you up because you don’t believe the sky is falling”, those who support Trump will only become more certain in their support, and many other previously Independent or Democrat voters will change parties or stay home from the ballot box in disgust. This self destructive strategy of using hate rhetoric to replace sound policy will lead not only to a Trump re-election, but to another Reagan-like transfer of the Oval Office to another Republican in 2024.

So let us all hope the Democrats and their flock regain their senses. Or not. I’m happy to see a long Trump presidency. And who knows, maybe the Democrats will come up with something truly genius, a hail Mary plan that will somehow bring enough angry and embittered Trump voters over to their side to win the White House back in 2024.

Like getting Ivanka to run as a Democrat. #Ivanka2024 #ImWithHer