From DACA to DAVOS, Trump’s Winning Is Confounding The Left


Winning, From DACA to DAVOS

President Trump has been on a winning streak, with record breaking economic growth and a celebrity reception in Davos.

If you watch the Left wing media the past week you can’t help but notice an air of confusion, consternation, even some emotional collapse over President Trump’s masterful handling of their latest smear attempts. First the Democrat’s attempt to use the Dreamers to make Trump seem like a big meanie racist backfired, their government shutdown was rightfully blamed on them, and the Dreamers took to the streets in protest in front of the house of Senator Chuck Schumer, a leading democrat after the democrats caved on the issue and funded the government stopgap. How did such a fool proof plan to play the race card fail so badly?

Then Trump went to Davos, Sweden to the World Economic Forum where the Left media was CERTAIN Trump was going to be treated with disdain or mockery. Or worse, indifference. Instead Trump was greeted by cheering crowds, was well received by other world leaders, secured billions in investments for the US and issued a rousing speech explaining to a receptive crowd why Donald Trump puts America First. It wasn’t supposed to go that way.

Just last week, during Sh**holeGate, Trump’s alleged comments, that he and other deny making sent outrage shockwaves thru the Left. Their colleagues in Africa asked Ugandan president what he thought of Trump’s comments and his response was “I love Donald Trump, America picked a good president.”

Again and again the Left and their lapdog media have attempted ploy after ploy to make the President look bad…or worse. Whether it’s the hit piece book Fire and Fury, or the non story of Stormy Daniels, now appearing in a Trump themed strip show, or the day the news reported for several segments about Trump’s favorite flavors of Starburst.

Yet the book is nearly entirely ignored by the news now, Stormy Daniels is making herself look bad with the stripping tour thing (who knew?), and the viewers are getting truly tired of petty hateful stories like candy, ice cream preference, diet coke consumption, and fast food habits. The harder the media and the anti-Trump crowd try to smear Trump, the less regular Americans are paying attention to them. And the happier they are with Trump.

Recent polling showed that Trump’s support with black Americans has more than doubled since he took office, and his support with Hispanics has exactly doubled, despite the Left constantly calling Trump a racist. Jobs are up, tax cuts are starting benefits to workers that can be seen in the paychecks, and the stock market appears to have rocket boosters, despite the Left’s predictions the economy would crash under Trump. Every prediction the Left has made about Trump has been revealed as pure fantasm.

Trump isn’t destroying the world, he’s isn’t collapsing America. He isn’t losing like the Left has always claimed he would.

No, Trump is winning. And it really ticks the Left off.