Why The FISA Memo is a Big Frickin’ Deal


Move over Watergate, now there’s something meatier.

Even Puxatawney Phil probably heard the news about the release of the FISA memo from the House Intellience Committee before he ducked back into his burrow, predicted 6 more weeks of winter.

The memorandum details serious breaches of protocol (I’m being polite to call them that) at the FBI in obtaining warrants from the FISA Court to surveil Carter Page, a Trump political advisor for international policy. The memo reveals how a web of conspirators at the FBI, the DOJ and in the DNC and Clinton camp attempted to derail the Trump campaign and later the Trump presidency. It describes nothing less than a treasonous attempt by the agents of US government under the direction of the outgoing administration to control the outcome of a US election, and once that was not possible, to operate a political coup against a sitting President of the United States.

Yes, the Deep State is real.

The short 4 page document states it’s subject as “Federal Intelligence Surviellance Act Abuses at the Department of Justice and the Federal Bureau of Investigation”. The memo is written by the House Intelligence Committee majority members under Chairman Devin Nunes. It outlines 5 points of grave concern with regard to the actions of the FBI and DOJ in relation to the now discredited Russian Dossier and the use of the dossier as the foundational evidence to obtain the FISA warrant against Trump advisor Carter Page. Each numbered bullet point in the memo describes distinct but interrelated criminal actions taken by government officials against candidate and then President Trump. Let’s discuss them point by point.

1. The Russian Dossier created by Christopher Steele was paid for by the Clinton campaign and was used by the FBI as the central evidence in the FISA warrant application for Carter Page. The FISA Court was NOT informed of the political background of the “evidence”.

Christopher Steele, former British intelligence agent, worked for research firm Fusion GPS and the Perkins Coie Law Ofiices to create the Russian Dossier. The document has been roundly determined to be based on false information and speculation. Fusion GPS was originally contracted by a “wealthy GOP donor” to begin the research into the president, but when no actionable evidence was revealed, and Trump continued to defeat GOP candidates in the primary, the GOP donor abandoned the research with Fusion GPS. The research firm then shopped the dossier “project” to the DNC and Clinton campaign, which funded to remainder of the project, ultimately paying Steele over $160,000 to complete the dossier.

Despite Steele being knowingly involved with the Clinton campaign and Fusion GPS, and the fact that the dossier was paid for by the Clinton campaign, the FBI omitted and in some cases misrepresented the dossier’s origins. The FISA Court was not informed about any of Steele’s dealings with the Clinton camp, nor were they informed that Steele was paid by the DNC to create the dossier, nor that the dossier itself had any affiliation with the Clinton campaign. Had the FISA court been aware of the political origin of the dossier, they would not have issued a FISA warrant, as even Deputy FBI Director Andrew McCabe testified to in front of the House committee.

2. The FBI used a deliberately leaked and false news story by dossier author Steele to corroborate the dossier, when in fact that news story was planted by Steele to provide false corroboration.

In October of 2016, Christopher Steele was fired as an information source from the FBI for leaking information to the media. However, he had been engaged in leaking information to the media since at least September 2016, when a Yahoo news article was published revealing information contained in the dossier. The article was the result of several meetings Steele held with the media at the behest of Fusion GPS and Perkins Coie law firm who hosted one of the media/Steele meetings where the Steele leaked the Yahoo news story used as support in the FISA warrant application.

The story was planted in the media by Steele to validate his dossier, but the FBI makes no mention of the actual timeline in the FISA warrant application submitted in October. The FBI FISA application claims the Yahoo story to be a separate source and thus corroborating the dossier, when in fact the Yahoo story was leaked by Steele in September. No mention of Steele’s connection to the Yahoo story, nor mention of his firing and descredited status with the FBI was mentioned to the FISA Court in the Carter warrant application.‚Äč

3. After Steele was terminated at the FBI, he continued to maintain contact with Bruce Ohr, then Associate Deputy Atty General with the DOJ.

Ohr worked closely with the Deputy Attys General, Susan Yates and Rod Rosenstein. Both Yates and Rosenstein signed off on the fraudulent FISA warrant application and subsequent required renewal applications. Perhaps even more concerning is the fact that Ohr’s wife also worked for Fusion GPS gathering opposition research against Donald Trump.

In documentation created by the FBI when they questioned Ohr, Steele’s anti-Trump bias was made evident, with Ohr reporting that Steele once said he “was desperate that Donald Trump not get elected”. The FBI had it’s own evidence that Steele was utterly biased, however his bias nor the Ohr testimony is mentioned in the FISA Court application. In fact, Bruce Ohr’s relationship with Steele was hidden from the FISA court, as was his wife’s involvement with the dossier firm, Fusion GPS (which as you recall, was also not mentioned).

4. Despite the FBI having internally determined that the Russian dossier was not verified and was “minimally corroborated”, and having issued statements to that effect, the FBI still used the dossier to repeatedly apply for FISA warrant and renewals.

As late as January 2017, then FBI Director James Comey briefed the president on the dossier, despite later testimony that he felt the dossier was “salacious and unverified”. This briefing occured in the now famous dinner meeting with Trump and Comey, where Trump is alleged to have asked Comey if he could investigate the source of this dossier. At the time of this meeting, Comey was well aware of the origins of the dossier, and was equally aware that it was unverifible and discredited. Yet as we all recall, Comey for weeks attempted to smear Trump’s attempt to out the source of the dossier funding as overreach, when we now know Comey was well aware of the political origins of the dossier.

FBI Director Andrew McCabe, who resigned days before the release of the memo, testified to the House Intelligence Committee that without the use of the dossier, the Carter FISA warrant would not have been granted. McCabe signed off on the Carter FISA application renewal, however, which directly used the politically motivated dossier as it’s core evidence. This obvious discrepency in ethics might be the real driving factor in McCabe’s recent resignation.

5. The FISA application additionally references Trump advisor George Papadopoulos, despite detailing no connection with the subject of the warrant, Carter Page. The information on Papadpopoulos was collected by shamed FBI agent Peter Strozk.

Strozk was reassigned by the Special Council to the FBI human resources department for “improper texting” with his mistress Lisa Page, FBI attorney. This hardly describes the nature of the 50,000 texts between Page and Strozk, discussing their mutual loathing for the president, information about the ongoing Russian investigation, as well as orchestration of media leaks and an “insurance plan” to be discussed with then Deputy Director McCabe in case of a Trump victory.

The 50,000 texts were reported by the FBI to be lost due to a software glitch, but in recent days the texts have been found and reveal a profound level of animosity and collusion against the President of the United States by then active members of the FBI.

The Bigger Picture

When placed in the light of these new revelations, the changes in rules regarding the unmasking of US citizens by the Obama administration for the purpose of investigation, as was admitted by National Security Advisor Susan Rice, become yet another obvious link in what appears to be government wide collusion to control the outcome of the 2016 elections. Did the unmasking of individuals lead to the Carter Page investigation and FISA warrant? Was Carter Page on the list of “unmasked” Trump campaign officials?

Susan Rice’s evolving testimony about her role in the unmasking of US citizens has been a point of concern. While she originally denied unmasking anyone, Rice later admitted to unmasking “Trump campaign officials”, but denies doing so for “political reasons”.

However, when it appears quite obvious that members of the FBI and DOJ took criminal actions for “political reasons”, it seems even more likely that Rice’s unmasking was not only politically motivated, but was actually a critical element in a government wide coup to control our elections and ouster a duly elected president of the US.

And we haven’t even mentioned the tarmac meeting between Atty General Loretta Lynch and Bill Clinton.

New Calls For A Special Council

The evidence is now overwhelming. Several members of the Obama adminstration, as well as the Hillary Clinton campaign, and members of the DOJ and FBI colluded against Donald Trump in the 2016 election.

Worse, they continued the collusion after the president was elected, which constitutes a deliberate attempt to remove a sitting president under fraudulent pretenses. They have a word for this kind of collusion: coup.

They have another word for it: TREASON. It is time to demand a special council be formed to investigate the deeply disturbing possiblity of an active Deep State coup operated by members of our own government against the President we elected. It’s time the Russian “investigation” be ended, as these revelations demonstrate it to be nothing more than an element of the criminal coup against our president.

Further, we as citizens must demand that these crimes be investigated and prosecuted. This kind of political fascism can not be allowed to go unpunished in a society which operates on the rule of law. The very nature of our society, and of our republic BY, OF and FOR the people is put at risk when our most sacred right, the right to elect our own leaders, is undermined, controlled and manipulated by rich shadow donors, deep state operatives, and yes even our own corrupt law enforcement.

It’s about time we change the old chant “Lock Her Up” to something more appropriate.

How about “Lock Them All Up”?