Easy Comey Easy Go Or How President Trump Outwitted the Democratic Party….Again.

Easy Comey Easy Go

Easy Comey Easy Go

If you have watched any news this past two weeks you have probably heard about one of two things. 1. The president gets two scoops of ice cream when others are only served one. And 2. He fired FBI director James Comey. Both acts are being considered as grounds for impeachment. Yes, I’m serious. Why are you laughing?

Leaving IceCreamGate aside for now (we shouldn’t have dessert before we finish our meat), the Comey firing has riled up the left and MSM into an utter hysteria. How DARE Trump fire the FBI director that everybody on both sides of the aisle said should be fired? It’s an outrage, they say. It’s treason, they cry. Impeach, they shout, waving their torches and pitchforks wildly. Utter hysteria.

Just to review, the Left and the media have been in a tissy about Comey before. Back when he dumped the “news” that Hillary might be under (further) investigation after discovering that Anthony Weiner had classified info from his wife, asst to Hillary Clinton, on his laptop in a folder a little more than ironically labeled Insurance. They went nuts then, calling for Comey’s firing, he was a danger to democracy.

Then when he came out and said there wasn’t any further evidence to investigate Hillary a few days before the election, the Left/Media were again a twitter about Comey. Comey was a patriot under stress, they said. He was being pressured by the right wing and was standing strong. He should be kept in his job forever, hallelujah.

Of course when Trump decided to keep him on as FBI director, they hated him again. He had lost the faith of his subordinates at the FBI. It was affecting morale. He was compromised in the current investigations, especially the one into Russia. He obviously now had to go. Like he did before everybody wanted him to stay. Which was before they all wanted him to go the first time. Or second time. It’s hard to keep track of how many teeters are on this totter.

Now, as we all know, Trump has done exactly what all of those lefties suggested, and fired James Comey. And the Left/Media could not be……more utterly outraged. Comey is a mega patriot and the sole bulwark against tyranny, didn’t you know? Anyone who would fire him must be Hitler. Or hiding something. Like Hitler would. (Insert eye roll here.)

The meltdown over Comey has been truly entertaining from the view on the Trump Train. From here we can see the landscape, and how Trump has laid out the whole map to troll the heck out of the left. From our view on the Train, the Left/Media’s own frenzy about the Comey issue is going to be the downfall of their whole false Russia scheme and reveal the true criminals, HRC and her campaign. It’s like watching an 80s crime drama. You know exactly where the predictable story line is going next, but you still watch it to see all the details of how it unfolds. I mean, this could even be a two parter…..

While many questioned his choice to keep Comey in the first place after Comey’s bungling in the HRC case, Trump saw the usefulness of keeping Comey on board both to stave off the critics who would inevitably have considered his immediate firing also an outrage, as well as putting the dems on record as being utter hypocrites. I suspect in the hearings to come we will discover there are even more reasons Trump held Comey over, as the real investigation, the one into who leaked classified information about a political candidate, advances.

Regardless of whatever love or hate the left has for Comey at the time of this article, these facts remain: Everybody, every news anchor, every politician, at one point or another, thought James Comey should be fired. With the possible exception of his mother, God rest her soul, every human being who had heard of Comey had at one point prayed for his pink slip. Fact. Additionally, Donald Trump has proven the Left/Media to just be utter flip-flopping partisan hypocrites. Also fact. And finally, somebody, some body leaked classified information out to the news about a political candidate to undermine a US presidential election. Also a fact, and the real question we should be asking. It’s not the firing of an ineffective and untrustworthy political pawn from a position he had long betrayed that endangers our country. It’s the lack of security the leader of the free world has because the snowflakes can’t accept they lost and treat him like the president that he is. The Left/Media are willing to sacrifice national security for salacious headlines that feed their impeachment dervish.

That’s the real story. Any democrats or media who can’t see that should perhaps join James Comey. They too might be in the wrong job. And though in the wisdom of the founders, President Trump can’t fire the dems or the media, there is someone in America who can.

The voters and viewers.