Divide and Try To Conquer: The Leftist Agenda

The leftist agenda requires that the population be divided viciously and even violently against itself, so it can use those divisions to control money and people to centralize power in their hands. This is the OPPOSITE of liberalism, which stemmed from the “classical liberalism”, now called libertarianism, that founded our nation based on INDIVIDUAL LIBERTY. The people who are fighting President Trump are NOT liberals, they are LEFTISTS. These are two different things, and we should stop letting them misuse the word liberal, for the sake of truth. Lets make words meaning what they mean great again!

That said, leftists are a different beast. Their collectivist, globalist, non individual freedom, anti capitalist, anti white stance is ensconced in them like a religious belief, and their oligarchs ensure that the sermon is preached again and again until they no longer have the capacity to hear the truth, no matter how much we tell it to them.

They are dead set on COLLAPSING our liberty based civilization. It is written in all their literature. The lower sheeplings believe that individual liberty will be replaced with a collectivist utopia, despite the fact that every manifestation of collectivism on actual Earth has led to mass murder and/or genocide of citizens. The oligarchs know that every divide they can enhance in society can make them money. How? Government handouts for crisis, charitable giving to leftist orgs based on press of divisive events, and best of all the deepening of divisions between the people.

Keeping us divided is critical to manipulating our politics. The Trump revolution was a demonstration of the people coming together despite leftist efforts at division, and as such the Left must work to divide us more to regain control of the electorate. When we are equally divided, they can use minor vote machine manipulation to control who is in power. It is when the people are moved strongly in one direction, like the Trump movement, that even their best efforts at vote control fail. As I have called it many times, there is a “margin of steal” in the electoral process. The miracle of 2016 is that the American people out voted the margin of steal and took their country back.

The left will never stop trying to divide. They fear us, the people, now because we have unified and found our power, and will try even harder to wedge divisions in our society. As such we all find ourselves living in a totally different culture than existed even a year ago. The world has shifted under our feet so to speak. Trump people see it more than others: we are in a culture war.

So let me say, 1. I’m sorry the left is causing a culture war. Like all wars, it sucks and gets in the way of life. 2. We didn’t start the fight, but we have to win, so keep fighting with me, patriots, and 3. We are not as divided an America as the left wants us to believe. We WILL be great again, and we WILL be stronger together, as long as you and I, Trump brothers and sisters, stay strong, share truths, and keep our American hearts open.

As Trump said, “When your heart is open to patriotism, there is no room for prejudice.”

Keep on Trumping, my friends. And God bless America.