All Politics Are National – How The Pro Trump/Anti Trump Divide Is Turning Local Politics Into National Races

U.S. Capitol Building

U.S. Capitol Building

We have heard the old adage “All politics are local.” It’s meant to suggest that in the end, the things that move people’s vote are things that affect them right in their local communities: jobs, schools, roads, etc. People vote on issues that affect them directly, not for a national party platform. Or at least they used to.

Then came the era of Trump and with it the era of Trump Hate. Since then, the world of politics has been flipped on its head. What once was local is now a national battle over the soul of America itself. Where once both Democrat and Republican neighbors alike supported good roads and safe communities, today each candidate is divided into “supporting” Trump or “resisting” Trump. There is no middle ground, at least to those who resist. To cooperate or agree with Trump in any way is a sign of support. Heck, even catering an event for a Trump family member makes you an “evil Trump sellout” in today’s political clime.

The anti-Trump crowd in their insistence on resistance are creating a viciously divided nation, more divided than most of us have seen in our lifetimes, if ever. They not only hate the president and reject everything he does, good or bad. They hate his staff, his family, his friends…and his supporters and voters. The stories of Trump haters attacking Trump supporters are numerous and growing all the time. In a climate where public support for a candidate can get you smeared, doxxed, fired, vandalized or attacked, where once differing party voters could have a dialogue, there is now little to no dialogue at all.

And what is there to talk about? The “resistance” on the Left is absolute. They intend to oppose every action of the President regardless of how it may help America. For those of us who worked so very hard to elect Trump in order to HELP America, their resistance is absurd, outrageous and sometimes downright traitorous, standing in the way of the progress the President is trying to make. What are we supposed to say to someone who would sacrifice the good of the country just to spite the President?

So we head into the 2018 election season. In past years, local legislators would battle it out under the two-party banners, but their platforms would be built on local concerns. Voters from either party, an “other” party, or even no party would want to know a candidate’s stance on the issues of the town, county or state as well as party. In fact often candidates’ advertisements carefully avoided mentioning party at all so as to encourage “crossover” voting. In 2018 however, there is only one question the journalists ask and that the papers report and what their readers/viewers want to hear: Do you support President Trump? The answer they want to hear is a resounding “NO!”. If a candidate (or anyone else for that matter) answers incorrectly, nothing their record can show or their campaign promises offer will matter to the anti-Trump voter. Worse, the national DNC (and even the RNC) and their lapdog national media will work mightily to smear and slander any candidate that dares to support Trump.

We have seen it in the election in Alabama, where Judge Roy Moore, a longtime public servant, has been on the receiving end of vicious character assassination by the national media and parties. This national hysteria over the increasingly obviously false allegations has not only prevented any dialogue about policy in the race. It has made policy nearly irrelevant in the race altogether. For the media, there is only scandal news. So for voters, the race is now about “believing or not believing the allegations” instead of believing campaign promises. It’s no coincidence that Judge Moore’s answer to the Trump support litmus question is “yes”.

The reality for those who elected President Trump and who want to see his policies enacted is that while we have “taken back” one branch of government with our outsider president, our agenda to make America great again has to pass thru a very mucky swamp of establishment legislators who don’t want things to change at all. ALL Democrats will oppose the President, and so will many Republicans, preventing any Trump success they can. If we hope to get ANY of the agenda we voted for into practice, we will be compelled to elect candidates who are willing to openly support our President.

But it’s not just the national agenda to MAGA that will be compromised without pro-Trump victories. Lawmakers who oppose Trump, or those who are reticent to support him publicly, will be easily manipulated by the national parties. They will be easily manipulated by the establishment and the media. Their spineless cowering to the resistance will make them utterly useless to stand up for ANY issue, including local ones. Any issue Trump and his supporters see as desirable will be opposed, and the national clout of the establishment to “dox” lawmakers that don’t tow the parties’ lines and expose them to the hate of the resistance will overpower the will of the voters on even the most mundane issues. All control of our local and state lawmakers will be under the thumb of the anti-Trump establishment unless we can elect those who are willing to stand up to the Swamp in the elections.

If we want ANY control of our government to remain in the hands of the people in our towns, counties and states, we must elect pro-Trump candidates. Anything short of that will leave even the most local of issues in the control of the national political establishment. The resistance has turned every election into a one issue election and that issue is “Do you support Trump?”.

In primary races across the country, we will have to vote for candidates that support Trump over the establishment Never Trump GOP, and then carry those candidates to victory in the general elections. We will have to vote for pro-Trump judges and sheriffs. Heck, we should even try to be sure the local librarian supports Trump or we can expect Trump hate to rear its ugly head and cause problems just receiving books accused of supporting Trump. In the new national era of politics, the only people who we can trust not to have an “I hate Trump” meltdown at the expense of taxpayers and constituents are those who already support him.

So thanks to the hate of the Left and the corruption of the Establishment, where once all politics were based on local issues that affect local constituents and their own households, now all politics are national, beholden to the support of…or resistance of…the man who currently resides in the Nation’s house. Where once we could focus on just the races in our own state, we now must lend our voices and support to ALL races where a pro-Trump candidate is running in order to break the anti-Trump gridlock in the Swamp of DC.
Pro-Trump candidates like Paul Nehlen for Congress in Wisconsin, and Corey Stewart for Senate in Virginia who both have proven track records of standing behind our president will need not only support from their constituents in their respective states. They will also need the national support of the “Trump Nation”, as Judge Roy Moore has needed us in Alabama. The social media activism and national financial support of the Trump Train have been critical factors in the Alabama race.

Obviously, in our republic, the ideal situation is to have 50 experiments in self-governance in 50 different states. It is what the founders intended. Years of decay away from that vision have left us with a government corrupt and out of touch with the people. By electing President Trump, we the people are engaging in a national experiment of self-governance that is proving to be quite the game changer. Whether or not it is successful in restoring our nation to the Republic it was intended to be depends on us. WE must “drain the swamp”. WE must defeat and replace the anti-Trump establishment in Washington. We have to make America great again, make our towns, counties and states great again by first making Capitol Hill “pro-Trump”.

In the era of Trump, all politics are national.