Month: February 2018

2018: How Not To Lose Everything We Gained by Electing Trump in 2016

Now is the critical time for the Trump Train to go from “movement” to meaningful and lasting change for our country. If you study the pre 2016 election “successes” (or lack thereof) of the establishment GOP, the election of Donald

Democrats Reject Helping Legal Dreamers To Focus On Illegals

While children of illegals, or DACA kids, get support in Congress, legal “Dreamers” find their American dreams ignored. Washington, DC, 2/08/2018. For the second time in two weeks, members of the Indian community met in Washington in support of President

Why The FISA Memo is a Big Frickin’ Deal

Move over Watergate, now there’s something meatier. Even Puxatawney Phil probably heard the news about the release of the FISA memo from the House Intellience Committee before he ducked back into his burrow, predicted 6 more weeks of winter. The

The Art of The Deal: DACA Edition

President Trump is working the art of the deal on the Democrats over DACA, doubters can’t keep up with Trump’s moves. Once again, there is an uproar among some Trump supporters. DACA, DACA, DACA is all they talk about. They

From DACA to DAVOS, Trump’s Winning Is Confounding The Left

President Trump has been on a winning streak, with record breaking economic growth and a celebrity reception in Davos. If you watch the Left wing media the past week you can’t help but notice an air of confusion, consternation, even