2018: How Not To Lose Everything We Gained by Electing Trump in 2016

Now is the critical time for the Trump Train to go from “movement” to meaningful and lasting change for our country.

If you study the pre 2016 election “successes” (or lack thereof) of the establishment GOP, the election of Donald Trump in 2016 as US President was a miracle. A MAGA miracle, that is, a hard fought, seat of our pants, true grassroots miracle. While we know that 63 million people came out to vote for Donald Trump on Nov. 8th, 2016, what most don’t know about is the thousands of regular individuals, everyday citizens, average Joes and Janes who campaigned for Trump, who registered voters for Trump, who held rallies and events to boost voter enthusiasm and help connect other Trump supporters who were doing the same thing. These citizen patriots were the magic of the miracle election of Donald J. Trump.

Elections are won on the ground, they say. Door knocking, voter outreach, direct one on one contact with potential voters is what psychologists suggest truly changes hearts and minds. Our bloated two parties know this quite well, and spend millions of dollars each election cycle making sure their “ground game” is strong.

The Trump election seemed so miraculous because an amazing portion of candidate Trump’s “ground game” was actually a groundSWELL. People were so moved by the possibility of electing a citizen president and restoring America that they became the voter outreach that got Trump elected. They knocked on the doors, they registered the voters. Many great citizens took time away from their jobs, or left them and worked full time for over a year to help elect Donald J. Trump and give the Republicans the victory in two branches of government.

No check arrived in the mail from the RNC to pay these hard working citizen campaigners for their time. No reimbursements came for the gas. There was no fancy DC luncheon to thank them for their work. No, their only reward for the hours, days, weeks and months of hard campaign work was the success of electing Donald Trump as President of the United States.

Yet all of that work may be for nothing after 2018.

The 2018 midterm elections are going to make or break the Trump presidency. We know the Democrat’s platform of “Resist” is not going to change, and the margins of majority the Republicans have in the House and Senate are already small enough to prevent much of Trump’s (and America’s) agenda from getting passed. If the 2018 midterms show the typical trend back to the party not holding the White House, than our ability to make America great again will be greatly impeded. The next few years will be filled with witch hunt impeachment hearings that will hamstring our president from doing what we elected him to do. The reality is unless we repeat the “miracle” of 2016, we are likely to lose, bigly.

2016 was a battle of an election. Like we have throughout history, patriots pulled together for the epic battle and won for our country. But the battle was only the beginning. We are not just in a battle, but rather in a war. A war for the American values our Constitution protects. A war for our national sovereignty. A war against our own bloated government that acts like the kings we defeated to win our liberty in 1776. We are in a war for America itself, and patriots are fighting side by side as they always have, to save our great nation.

But they are battle weary. The patriot movement that elected Trump is tired. Their “grassroots” are desperate for water, for support. Their piggy banks are empty. When each of us started this mission to elect Donald Trump, we knew it would be a battle. We didn’t know that once we had won the battle for the GOP, we grassroots, patriot, volunteer soldiers would be left on the field to fight on in the war. Left without the air support, without orders and supplies from central command. Left to fight on without ceasing, each day knowing that we must not fail for failure is to lose our country forever.

It’s time the GOP wakes up. It was not your “republican message” that won your party the majority in 2016. It was not your robocalls and ritzy fundraisers. It was Trump supporters who gave you that victory. And it is Trump supporters you need to give you more victories in 2018. Because if the Democrats take power in 2018 in Congress, it’s not only the Trump agenda that will get blocked in Congress. The Democrats will block anything that doesn’t help impeach Trump. Lawmaking will come to a screeching, and I mean screeching halt.

Or GOP, you can choose to win. You can embrace AND SUPPORT the Trump voters that gave you the majority you enjoy. Your superPACs can support their voter drives, your foundations can sponsor their events, your donors can become their donors, helping them get just the basic tools needed to run the SUSTAINING campaign for President Trump and for the GOP which is NEEDED to RETAIN VICTORY. A victory you Republicans are the benfactor of.

The Trump movement is NOT like the Tea Party. The Tea Party helped the GOP gain control of Congress (not that it accomplished much) by helping them elect THEIR candidates. When we sent Tea Party candidates up to office, they were shut down by the establishment GOP who “controlled” Congress, but under a very liberal president.

However, the Trump Movement elected not only a Republican Congress, but replaced the leader of the GOP with President Donald J. Trump. The Trump Train took back the Executive branch, not just from the establishment Dems but from the establishment GOP as well. It’s important to remember that President Trump is a Republican president who won on the Republican ticket. A ticket that now has access to millions of energized, motivated voters. All they have to do to elect more Republicans in 2018 and 2020 is support the president, and support the people who support the president.

Or at least get out of the way. You can’t stop a train, especially not a Trump Train. To be fair, it’s too important to us Trump supporters to not lose the ground that President Trump has already gained for America. We can’t afford to let YOU Republicans lose, so WE Republicans are going to just have figure out how to get along underneath this big Republican tent. You establishment GOP may be tired of winning, but for the NEW, Trump GOP, our winning is only getting started.

But we sure wouldn’t mind if y’all wanted to help us MAGA…